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Anm Matrimony is an effective organization of a highly committed and accomplished team of people promising an unparalleled matrimonial service in India. 

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Aum Matrimony brings forth personalized matrimonial services to you. Being the best marriage bureau in India, we provide Royal Families, Aggarwal, Maheshwari, Jain, Brahmin, Rajput, Punjabi, Others and NRI rishtey in all over the world.
“Marriage is a confluence of not just two individuals but two hearts, two souls and two families“. Aum Martrimony understands the need and importance of a perfect match making. The motive is to help minimize your efforts in not just finding the right match but finding the most optimum wedding solution for you. Our matrimonial services in India, have several success stories of our clients who are extremely cheerful in their sound relationships.

Expert In Royal Family, Aggarwal, Maheshwari, Jain, Gujarati, Brahmin, Rajput, Punjabi, Others and NRI Matrimony

We have always aimed to provide people with a superior matchmaking experience by expanding the opportunities available to connect them with their potential life partners leading to fulfilling relationships.

How we make a Difference

Personalized Services

We Provide you with Matches that click for eternity. Matrimony is not just a business for us it's an opportunity for us to connect two souls that are destined to be together We understand the purity of marriage that's why we make sure we go to all the possible extents to make things great for you based on your preferences. we make arrange marriage work like love marriage.

More Options To Choose

Love can occur in any capacity remembering this, our information base includes individuals from all castes, creeds, cultures, and regions with the goal that you can get a greater decision and a customized matrimonial administrations in India.

31+ Year of Experience

Generally significant of all, our group puts stock in the idea of affection and marriage. Consequently, we work dedicatedly towards helping you with every one of your questions, profiles short-posting, and fixing gatherings with appropriate prospectives at your solace and accommodation what works greatly in our favour is collective data from all over the world.

Success Stories

Nothing makes us delighted than connecting two souls for their happily ever after. Moreover, to be honest seeing their life journey is what makes up keep going and working more passionately towards our work!

Our Approach

This can be either done after receiving personal email or by filling our Registration form personally. The client’s details and their requirements are taken in the form.

The payment is done by the client online/ by cash /or by cheque in the name of “Aum Matrimony Private Ltd”. Receipt is sent to the client immediately.

Our Relationship Manager in the respective city goes takes appointment from the Client and visits their workplace and home personally to verify the details. Further, two Work references, two family references and two neighborhood references are taken by the RM, and cross checked.

Once verification is done, the HO shall start sharing relevant profiles with the clients. HO shall also be sharing the respective feedbacks for all profiles.

When both families approve the initial exchange, they are taken on con-calls for first introduction. The prospects’ numbers are exchanged. If further approved, meeting is arranged by us. Usually we encourage 4-5 meeting between the prospects and families before coming to any decision.

Once match is approved from both sides, we charge a match making fee.

Director Desk

I have always believed in treating our clients with the greatest degree of quality, confidentiality, and ethics. Our esteemed clients always work as our greatest references even after years of getting services. We always believe in long-term bonding with our clients. The feedback of our clients is the driving force of our organization.

Tara Maheshwari

Founder (Aum Matrimony Pvt Ltd)

Marriage is an eternal bond. It isn’t just a celebration, but a decision that will
complement your entire life to come. Since ancient times, marriages have been
consummated in India by involving each member of a family. A very valued Indian trend that shall remain for centuries to come!

Pandit Dwivedi Bhardwaj Ji

Founder (Aum Matrimony Pvt Ltd)

With A Robust Foundation In The World Of Matrimony And Matchmaking Spanning Over A Decade, Sunil Puri Shammi, has Been Instrumental In Forging Meaningful Connections Between Couples. Since 2006, Sunil Puri Shammi Has Been Dedicated To The Art Of Matchmaking, Creating Harmonious Unions Across Various Communities.

Recognizing That Matrimony Is One Of Life’s Most Delicate And Profound Aspects, Sunil Puri Shammi Handles Each Case With Utmost Care, Sensitivity, And Consistent Analysis. He Refrains From Passing Judgment, Respecting Each Candidate’s Individual Journey.

Sunil Puri Shammi

Associate Partner ( Aum Matrimony Pvt Ltd )

What makes us stand out at Amit Kumar For us , matchmaking is not just a business, it’s our life’s passion. We live for the moment when we are the reason for two souls perfect for each other to meet and decide to build a life together. For us , we believe the minute a new client comes on board, they are not just a client anymore , they become family.

Then there is only one goal and aim left for us , i.e. to work supremely hard towards finding the best , most compatible two people and bringing them together to form a beautiful union. Nothing brings me more happiness and satisfaction! For every match we’ve made , a new family has been added to our lives, now we have so many beautiful families all over India who till date remain a part of our lives.

Amit Kumar

Associate Partner ( Aum Matrimony Pvt Ltd )